We are really excited to be a part of the dialog. We strongly believe that at this time, it is not about what you want to give to the world poor, it is about what they want to receive. It is the time for Smart Philanthropy.

GOODdler offers an enterprise software to civic and charitable organizations anywhere in the world to collect and manage “in kind” (goods) donations. We provide technology to utilize local retailers to maximize an effectiveness of humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts, solve resource distribution problem and expand outreach. We facilitate the continued flow of resources between donors and beneficiaries, improve the coherence of humanitarian response, ensure funding is used efficiently by partners, and strengthen public trust, increasing opportunities for ‘in kind’ (goods) contributions. It is a digital platform where private companies can see the vetted requirements of any humanitarian organization and connect to respond to them.

Gooddler is building humanitarian capacity through a multi-stakeholder collaborative process, including local and national governments, international organizations, national and international NGOs, donors, and local businesses and farmers.