“Angels with Broken Wings”

Finally, we have a direct connection with people in Aleppo, Syria!!! 
Thousands of children, many of them newly orphaned, have fled the horrors of Aleppo. They are hungry, cold and terrified after months under siege and bombing. We can provide Syrian children and their families with warm clothes, food, and clean water. Please pay for items from their GOODdler wish list, and we will deliver them locally: http://gooddler.com/Wishlist/10141

More than 11 million Syrians — nearly half of the country’s population — have been displaced either within the country or to other nations.

Over 1.1 million Syrian children are refugees. Some were fortunate enough to be accompanied in flight by both parents. Many lost their fathers to the violence that has killed more than 250,000 Syrians since the fighting began in 2011. Still others are without any immediate family to look after them.

SNHR has published the report “Children of Syria… Angels with Broken Wings” documenting the violations committed by all conflict parties involved in the Syria conflict.

The plight of Syrians displaced by civil war grew worse in 2016 as the fighting in that country continued with no significant hope on the horizon for peace. As the year is drawing to a close, the stop and restart of the evacuation of civilians from the city of Aleppo this past weekend has best reflected the international community’s inability to end the fighting. Read more…

Humanitarian organizations and governments are desperately trying to address the needs of the vulnerable children — but much more needs to be done if we are to avert a catastrophe.

Children have access to protection because countries like Lebanon and Jordan have welcomed them.

The unwavering commitment of neighboring countries to tackle the monumental task of supporting hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugee children must be matched by international solidarity.

Love & Faith is a charity from Beirut, Lebanon, who is helping the orphans of war (Dar Al Awlad Orphanage, Lebanon).

Help the orphans of war in Syria — purchase the goods for them from their Gooddler wish list. Items from these lists can be purchased by anyone in the world, and delivered to the Dar Al Awlad Orphanage (Lebanon) in the most efficient way.

Love & Faith is acting on the ground in Aleppo, Syria, and is providing Syrian children and their families with food, emergency care, shelter, protection, clean water and warm clothes.

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