Gooddler Foundation and Le Sallay International Academy and are pleased to announce their long-term partnership program.

Le Sallay Academy is an innovative middle school based on a blended learning model, alternating in-person sessions in France and periods of interactive online learning. The school year is therefore comprised of three trimesters (three-week long in-person sessions + two months of online studies) concluding the school year with a final three-week in-person session.) The school thus combines the advantages of a boarding school and homeschooling while avoiding the limitations of each approach.

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Gooddler and

LeSallay Academy

Innovative Middle School + Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship course

Le Sallay Academy aims to reform middle school education on the basis of inclusion paired with an individual approach to learning. Le Sallay hires content specialist for the development of an in-depth curriculum which provides students the opportunity to develop natural curiosity through engaging lessons.

Le Sallay’s academic classes are structured to create systematic critical thinking skills while sparking curiosity and a love of lifelong learning. Le Sallay also provides a variety of extracurricular activities to facilitate the integration of all students in an inclusive peer group, as well as the development of emotional intelligence, reflection, and psychological maturity.

In the framework of the agreement between Le Sallay Academy and the Gooddler Foundation, the Gooddler Foundation will develop for the in-person sessions a special course on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship designed for children of 10-14 years. This course will enable Le Sallay’s students to see how their critical thinking skills instilled by their academic classes can be applied towards the solution of practical rather than academic problems. Thus, this program will support students to make positive social changes in the world they inhabit. Le Sallay’s students will be empowered to make positive impact at various levels — whether in the local community, in their  city, or on the family level.

True to Le Sallay’s  principles of diversity and inclusion, Le Sallay Academy is enrolling children from all over the world and from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Through this partnership, the Gooddler Foundation will provide support through the Gooddler Endowment Scholarship for families unable to pay the full cost of tuition.


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