Paul-Miki Akpablie

Paul-Miki Akpablie is the founder and CEO of Kadi Energy Company. He is passionate about leveraging economic power to improve people’s lives. He developed Kadi Energy, a sustainable business model, for the purpose of improving the lives of Ghana’s rural poor by providing environmentally friendly products while simultaneously delivering significant returns to investors. At the age of fifteen and living in Ghana, he developed a solar collector that was used to power community center lights. He attended many energy summits and is an advocate for the provision of financially sustainable renewable energy to change the lives of Ghanaians in the short-term and all Africans in the long-term. In addition to his experience in Energy and Technology, he also works in healthcare strategy where he uses his knowledge in technology to help drive clinical processes and provide better care to patients. Awards: Queens Young Leadership Award Ghana 30 Under 30 Young African Innovator Top 40 African Young Innovators

Entrepreneur, Innovator, and Healthcare Strategist, MBA Candidate at Stanford Business School.