Youth in Economically Disadvantaged Regions and Rural Areas of Africa:

Gooddler is strengthening access to non-formal, vocational and tertiary educational opportunities for youth living in economically disadvantaged regions and rural areas with limited economic opportunities. We incorporate skill development, identify the needs of communities, enact cross-border harmonizations and recognize skills and qualifications of all involved.

Background Information:

Young people are affected by unemployment globally and it is harder for them to gain access to employment opportunities. Various groups of young people experience growing labour market inequalities, their transitions from school to work are longer and more uncertain and they become increasingly detached from the labour market. Where economic livelihoods and employment opportunities are lacking, young people can be targeted by the recruitment strategies of extremist groups, organized crime, gang associations, or piracy. (ILO: Employment and decent work in situations of fragility, conflict and disaster. Geneva, 2016)

We expect all participants of our programs to learn about entrepreneurship, economic sustainability, leadership and good governance. Through Social Impact Youth Incubator, a hands on innovation hub, they will be able to create and pilot sustainable product or process innovations in an attempt to address social needs in their communities and to become role model to young people in their respective communities. We expect that some of the participants will be empowered to get into entrepreneurship and as a result contribute to Sustainable Development Goals 2030. We also expect participants to learn about responsible leadership/governance and carry with them values that will influence their decisions later in life.


Example: Social Impact Youth Incubator for Young Women in Rural Areas of Zambia.

Partners: Hope Worldwide